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Tropical Combo


The Tropical Combo will instantly transform your backyard into a true island paradise! This inflatable can be enjoyed either wet or dry. On cooler days, kids will enjoy a basketball hoop, a spacious bouncing zone, and a dry slide with a bumper at the end. On warmer days, we can connect our misting hose above the slide and attach a pool at the end of it, to create an exhilarating ride, ending with a refreshing splash.


  • Price: $250 (dry) or $310 (wet) for 2 hours, then $15/hr.

  • Size: 24'L x 15'W x 15'H (dry) or 28'L x 15'W x 15'H (wet) 

  • Capacity: 800 pounds

  • Special Features: Basketball hoop, climbing step, and dry slide with a bumper, or waterslide with a pool.

  • Requirements: 15 amp outlet must be within 75 feet. Adult supervision is required while bouncer is in use. 

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